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4 Signs You Have A Fungal Nail Infection – And How To Stop It

Fungal nail infections are frustrating. One day you have healthy, clear and normal nails, and the next you’re watching your nails worsen until they’re barely recognisable as your own. While some may try to hide their nails in enclosed footwear, others will waste money on treatments that have little effect– except for using up their […]

Lunula Laser Webinar

Lunula laser Webinar – Case Studies Discussions October 24th, 2018 If you’re using the Lunula cold laser in your practice or are wanting to learn more about the real results we’re seeing with the laser, then this article is exactly for you. Last month, we had the absolute pleasure of speaking LIVE with Lunula expert, [...]

What is the Best Nail Fungus Treatment of 2018?

Nail Fungus Treatment of 2018 DID YOU KNOW? More than 10% of the general population has onychomycosis. Fungal nail problems are often ignored because of its uncomfortable nature and painful treatments. There are various treatments for fungal infections, including ointments and creams and oral medications but with low success rates. Many podiatrists have treated nail […]