Use of Non Invasive Neurostimulation (InterX) for a Acute Wrist Fracture

How do I explain the InterX to my patients?

What is InterX? – A ReviewThe InterX is an electrical device that provides Interactive Neurostimulation. It delivers electrical pulses, which stimulate the skin at the area of pain/inflammation. This stimulation has an interactive nature – each signal from the device communicates with the nervous system through the skin interface and activates natural pain relieving mechanisms.
How does it interact with the body?The InterX sends pulses working through the skin at the area of damage/trauma and stimulates the variety of nerve endings to pass the information to the central nervous system, where all the regulatory processes take place.By releasing the body’s own biochemicals (for example, endorphins, they are powerful natural painkillers) the body continues to work on pain and repairs the injury.
As a result of this stimulation local micro circulation is improved bringing more molecules of oxygen and nutrients to damaged cells and removing waste products, which suggests how accelerated healing may take place.When chronic injury/inflammation is taking place, it is an ‘unfinished business’. The body didn’t heal completely and moved it to the ‘back burner’. The InterX sends pulses working through the skin at the area of damage/trauma, and stimulates nerve receptors to release neuro-chemicals, which assist in repairing the injury through temporarily increasing inflammation. It almost ‘mimics’ it and stimulates the nerves to pass the signals to the brain to focus on that damage and bring it to the ‘front burner’ again. That is why, sometimes, when treating chronic pain, one can experience a temporarily symptoms aggravation (few hours, typically clearing after patient had sleep).In general, InterX therapy is a pain relief that is achieved naturally, without side effects and has a profound long-term effect.By Dr Zulia Frost
InterX Case Study – Acute Wrist Fracture
Take a look at this 93y/o lady who fell and fractured her left wrist one week before Christmas. She was treated conservatively with a cast at a local hospital. Following her injury, she complained of pain, swelling, unable to move fingers and cast tightness. Significant bruising was noted.
Patient was seen on Dec 26th, 2018 – Day 1 for InterX therapy, and education (elevation and AROM exs). Patient was prescribed a personal InterX device and flex array electrode to continue treatment at home for one week. Home InterX treatment included: Flex array left arm above cast – Setting 4, 10mins; flex array right wrist – Setting 4, 10mins; Personal device electrode treating dorsal aspect left thumb – Setting 5, 5 mins. Treatment performed twice a day.Photos below – Day 4 (Dec 30th, 2018) showing significant decrease in swelling. Patient reported improved ROM and decrease pain.
Video – Day 7: Check out the movement and colour of the hand. No pain and no swelling!
Treatment of acute injuries with the InterX is simple and effective. When prescribing an InterX home program, keep it simple and manageable. This 93 y/o patient lived with her 70 y/o daughter, both spoke very little English. By setting up an InterX program using the flex array and selecting the acute program settings, amazing results can be achieved. Patient was also extremely compliant with doing ROMs exs and elevation when using the InterX. No retrograde massage or coban wraps was included in her program. Plan: Review again when cast has been removed.
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