RehaCare’s wide range of resistive and exercise bands are most commonly utilised in resistance and strength training. While they challenge your muscle strength, the resistance of these bands does not put the same sort of pressure on your joints that external weights or machines do. Instead, RehaCare’s range of resistive and exercise bands target smaller muscles by stabilising and creating natural resistance to muscles that you may typically not work. The ankle straps and bands with handles assist the utility of these bands to ensure that the exact support is created for you. What makes our resistance bands easier to use is that they are small and lightweight, making them easy to travel with and can be kept in small places. RehaCare understands the importance of physical therapy and our wide range of colour coded resistance and exercise bands are a great exercise tool that’s versatile and complements your daily living. Whether you are utilising these bands to increase fitness and endurance levels or is used as rehabilitation equipment, our range of resistive and exercise bands complement all kinds of physical training regimes ensure that you can achieve maximise results.