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The Point of Relief was developed in consultation with many international level athletes and practitioners,

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The Point of Relief was developed in consultation with many international level athletes and practitioners including Olympians, World Champions and Internationally respected Physiotherapists.

Whether you have a sore or tight back, shoulders, legs, feet or knees the Point of Relief is for you. Decrease your reliance on various practitioners and help treat yourself at home between appointments.

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What is It

The Point of Relief is designed to give true deep tissue muscle tension release. With its generous height, standing at 80mm tall and sturdy base, 80mm square it can get into all the difficult to reach areas throughout your body. It’s made from high grade rubber and silicone that comes together to form a highly durable product with a comfortable feel to give the best results for self treatment or to be used by a practitioner to reduce finger stress.

It could be said that is works in a similar way to the Spiky Ball, and it does, but the difference is the lasting effect that the Point of Relief can give you. The Spiky Ball gives what can be called a superficial release, which while it does feel good straight after treatment the discomfort soon returns. However with the Point of Relief of you more able to really change the tension in the muscle over time which will drastically reduce you soreness, stiffness and body aches.

The Point of Relief is also very versatile, being able to be used anywhere and in very small cramped spaces like on a plane to reduce back ache from top to bottom. It’s great whilst driving your car to improve your posture and helps you really spring out of the car after a long journey.

It’s been see on team benches in sports stadiums, office desk tops, in school classrooms, on work sites, in gyms, training studios, Pilates & Yoga studios, Osteopaths, Myotherapists, Physiotherapists, Australian Institute of Sport to name some.

The Point of Relief was designed by Luke Campbell (2004 Olympic Volleyballer) in consultation with the doctors, physios, masseurs and acupuncturists that help treat him throughout his career. Luke found that during his career there was many products on the market to help with pain, but nothing that really hit the spot and made a difference. There is so much body pain out there in society and nothing the really make a difference so we decided to make one. The Point of Relief is ideal for athletes in any sport, pregnant women, tradies, shop assistance that stand, office workers that sit, practitioners with sore hands, nursing mothers or fathers, really anyone who suffers from pain and want to feel better.

VMO – Stiff Knees and Jumpers Knee

ITB – Sore Knees and Sore Back

Lower Back

Driving Pain

Head Aches – from the Neck

Head Aches – back of Neck

Tight or Pumped Forearms

Latts – Frozen shoulder and shoulder pain

Quads – Sore knees & Jumpers Knee

Hip Flexor – Sore Kness and Sore Back

Upper Back and Shoulders

QLs – Lower Back

Head Aches – from the Jaw

Tricepts – Shoulder and Elbow Pain

Pecs – Shoulder pain and posture

Tib Ant – Shin Splints

Hammies and Calves

Sore Feet – Plantar Fascitis

Richard Squires – Massage Therapist at South Yarra Spinal and Sports Medicine

The Point Of Relief (POR) self-massage tool is a must have for athletes looking for effective muscle relief at home. When combined with a foam roller (which can account for broad areas of tissue), the POR can target very specific areas of muscular tension and trigger points. Unlike a spiky ball the POR has a wide base of support, meaning it won’t shift underneath the weight of your body. This feature is important when you’re looking to work on a specific area, as you can manipulate your own body weight around the POR without having to worry about becoming unstable. This tool can be used on various areas, from the glutes to the back, the neck and shoulders. I use the POR every day to help release my lower back, hips and glutes, and would recommend with confidence to any of my clients.
Richard Squires Remedial Massage Therapist.

Dr Louise Sung – Pyrmont Chriopractic

“The Point of Relief (POR) has been an great take home tool for our patients at Pyrmont Chiropractic. Working on persistent trigger points between appointments has helped our patients speed recovery, relieve pain and improve the longevity of their adjustments. The POR is the nicest product I have found in this category. It’s weight, shape and feel is perfect for trigger point and muscle release work. Thank you Luke for an excellent product!”

Ryan Gordon – Gordon Performance – Personal Trainer & Exercise Science

​The Point of relief massage tool is a great addition to the self-massage tools I use to improve tissue quality before, during and after strength, power, speed and conditioning sessions. I recommend the POR to all my clients to use as regularly as they can as I have seen great improvement in mobility through the hips and thoracic spine / shoulder region.
This tool effectively releases deeper muscles through the hip which has helped my clients improve their hip mobility that plays an integral component in rehabilitating lower limb and lower back injuries.
Ive used quite a few self massage tools over the past few years and the POR is by far the best I have used.
​I highly recommend this product

Bernie Milross – Vigour Pilates

I am a pilates instructor and gymnastics coach of many years experience. I have started using the “point of relief” in my studio to help clients with muscular aches and pains, as well as trying to release tight muscles that have not been successfully released with any other method.
I cross train our State and National Gymnasts in Pilates and am looking forward to introducing the point of relief into their sessions with me also.
I gave the point of relief a trial over the weekend to try to release my upper traps which have been troublesome since moving house and waterskiing. I am very happy with the result and intend to follow up with more massage this weekend.
I also found it easy to use as a massage tool on others. It saved my thumbs, and allowed a generous amount of pressure without overexerting the fingers and hands.
Well done to Luke on this exciting new product!

Tammy Curtis – Personal Trainer at Fit for All

​The PoR is a fantastic tool I use regularly on myself as well as my personal training clients for releasing muscle groups that are hard to target just through stretching. Many clients now own their own one as well and get to do release work from home. This is having a greater impact on pain free ROM allowing better movement in their PT sessions. I highly recommend it!

Rebecca Prewett – Pilates Instructor & Massage Therapist

I wanted to give you some feedback on the Point. I have been a Pilates instructor and massage therapist for many years, working in a combined practice with a Physiotherapist, and have tried and used many products for pain/injury management for both clients and myself after an L5/S1 disc herniation 3 years ago. A few weeks ago my back went, which happens periodically and usually means about 2 weeks of high level pain, spasms, limited movement and considerable contortion. I used the Point for half an hour from T12 to my gluteals, and got up straight and walking fine! This is an absolute first, and getting onto it quickly made all the difference. My pain has diminished considerably as I now use the point regularly, while driving, stretching, even on the plane, and it has become my first point of call for managing my back. I carry it with me and highly recommend it to clients and colleagues, can’t say enough about it! The Point is convenient and incredibly effective. Thank you!

Matt Brindle from Integrate Training

Integrate Training has been using the Point of Relief for a couple of years now and our clients love the ease at which it may be used but more importantly the effectiveness in which it helps manage their minor aches and pains. The Point of Relief’s response on the CNS allows us as trainers to help achieve freedom of movement with our clients, combined with specific mobility exercises  it makes for a more effective and successful training session. Many of our clients now have them to use within their workplace, especially those that sit for long periods of time. On more of a personal note it is fantastic to take in your luggage as it takes up no space and it saves my fingers from doing all the work on my wife’s neck and shoulders. It’s a must have handy tool for pain management.

Harrison Peacock – 2012 Olympic Volleyballer

As a volleyballer I use Point of Relief on a daily basis. It is great for body maintenance and treating those sore spots. An essential part of the bag of any serious athlete!

Sandra Gillett – Pilates Instructor at Simply Pliates

Absolutely love this product!!! Really works well with our Pilates studio. Thank you!!

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