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Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound (LIPUS) Device

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Melmak LIPUS bone healing Device

The Melmak LIPUS bone healing Device is a convenient, 20 minutes per day, home-based treatment which improves the speed of healing of fresh fractures and non-unions.

The Melmak Device delivers a low intensity pulsed ultrasound to the fracture site. The low intensity pulsed ultrasound signal delivers an acoustic pressure wave to the fracture site. This represents a mechanical force, which aims to improve circulation and help with forming new bone.

By using the Melmak fracture healing system you may heal faster and return to your normal daily activities sooner.

Studies using commercially available LIPUS devices have shown that on average, fresh fractures will heal 38% faster than fractures that have not been treated with ultrasound. This is dependent on the type and location of the fracture.

The Melmak LIPUS Ultrasound has been especially designed for patient self-treatment. Once the ultrasound head has been strapped into position over the fracture site, simply press the on/off button to start the treatment.

The Melmak fracture healing system may assist the healing of recent fractures and fractures that have been slow to heal.

*The Melmak Device should only be used as prescribed by a health professional.

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Indications and Intended Use

The Melmak Device is indicated for the treatment of fresh bone-fractures and established non-unions excluding treatment of the skull and the vertebral column. The location
and type of fracture will influence results.

*This non-invasive treatment can only be prescribed by a Physician or other Health Professional

 Product Specifications:

  • Ultrasound frequency f: 1.5+-5% MHz
  • Repetition Rate REF:1.0+-10% KHz
  • Accusonic power P1: 116mW
  • Power supply-Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery:3.7 DCV nominal
  • Beam Non-Uniform Ration RBN <6
  • Waveform: Pulsed
  • Effective Accusonic Radiating Area Aer: 3.88cm2
  • Duty factor DF: 5
  • Time Average Intensity: 6
  • Weight (Control Unit including Transducer): approximately: 285g

Clinicians – attached

  • Brochure
  • Technical specifications
  • Clinical studies
  • Clinician User manual


  • 250ml bottle Gel
  • Transducer holder & Strap
  • Battery charger
  • Felt-for cast application
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Melmak Fracture Healing System

The Melmak Lipus bone healing Device is a convenient, 20 minute per day, home-based treatment which improves the speed of healing of fresh fractures and non-unions.

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